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We supply an extensive range of irrigation supplies

We supply an extensive range of garden and outdoor lighting fixtures and supplies
We supply outdoor ponds and suitable pumps
We supply a range of tank and aquarium fittings
uPVC Fittings
Valves, Strainers, Nut & Tails, Directors, Unions
Brass Gate, Ball Valves, Risers

Hozelock Aquatics

Oase Pumps

Rena Pumps

Tank and Aquarium Fttings

uPVC Fittings

We supply a large range of aquarium fittings to help you with the plumbing requirements for your aquarium system.

The uPVC fittings below are used in all the behind scenes of your aquariums. They plumb the water from the pump and filter system to your tank and back again and are simply glued together with the green pressure glue.

These fittings are also used in irrigation systems for the mainline of the system and all the feeder lines.

uPVC Class 18 Coupling

P00715 15mm
P00720 20mm
P00725 25mm
P00732 32mm
P00740 40mm
P00750 50mm

uPVC Class 18 Reducing Bush

P0052015 20mm x 15mm
P0052520 25mm x 20mm
P0053225 32mm x25mm
P0054032 40mm x 32mm
P0055040 50mm x 40mm

uPVC Class 18 45º Elbow

P01015 15mm
P01020 20mm
P01025 25mm
P01032 32mm
P01040 40mm
P01050 50mm

uPVC Class 18 90º Elbow

P0131515 15mm
P0132020 20mm
P0132525 25mm
P0133232 32mm
P0134040 40mm
P0135050 50mm

uPVC Class 18 Union

P02220 20mm
P02225 25mm
P02232 32mm
P02240 40mm
P02250 50mm

uPVC Class 18 Faucet Tee

P0212015  20mm x 1/2" BSP
P0212020  20mm x 3/4" BSP
P0212515  25mm x 1/2" BSP
P0212520  25mm x 3/4" BSP
P0212525  25mm x 1" BSP

uPVC Class 18 Faucet Elbow

P0152015  20mm x 1/2" BSP
P0152020  20mm x 3/4" BSP
P0152515  25mm x 1/2" BSP
P0152520  25mm x 3/4" BSP
P0152525  25mm x 1" BSP

uPVC Class 18  Valve Socket

P0171515   15mm x 1/2" BSP
P0172020   20mm x 3/4" BSP
P0172025   20mm x 1" BSP
P0172525   25mm x 1" BSP
P0173232   32mm x 1-1/4" BSP
P0174040   40mm x 1-1/2" BSP
P0175050   50mm x 2" BSP

uPVC Class 18  Faucet Socket

P0181515   15mm x 1/2" BSP
P0182020   20mm x 3/4" BSP
P0182525   25mm x 1" BSP
P0183232   32mm x 1-1/4" BSP
P0184040   40mm x 1-1/2" BSP
P0185050   50mm x 2" BSP

uPVC Class 18  Valve Adapter

P0021515   15mm x 1/2" BSP
P0022020   20mm x 3/4" BSP
P0022525   25mm x 1" BSP
P0023232   32mm x 1-1/4" BSP
P0024040   40mm x 1-1/2" BSP
P0025050   50mm x 2" BSP

uPVC Class 18  Faucet Adapter

P0031515   15mm x 1/2" BSP
P0032020   20mm x 3/4" BSP
P0032525   25mm x 1" BSP
P0033232   32mm x 1-1/4" BSP
P0034040   40mm x 1-1/2" BSP
P0035050   50mm x 2" BSP

uPVC  Class 18 Reducing Socket

P0082015 20mm x 15mm
P0082520 25mm x 20mm
P0083225  32mm x25mm
P0084032  40mm x 32mm
P0085040  50mm x 40mm

uPVC Class 18 End Cap

P00615  15mm
P00620  20mm
P00625  25mm
P00632  32mm
P00640  40mm
P00650  50mm

uPVC Class 18  Tee

P0191515  15mm
P0192020  20mm
P0192525  25mm
P0193232  32mm
P0194040  40mm
P0195050  50mm

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