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Being one of the largest suppliers of irrigation systems in Sydney we supply both trade and residential. We back this up with our thorough knowledge of both the products and their applications.

We can put you intouch with fully qualified landscape gardeners that specialise in the installation of irrigation systems.

The Benefits of Irrigation

Time - an irrigation system will save you the time of standing there with a hose or dragging a sprinkler around the yard every time the lawns and gardens need watering. A major problem with hand watering is the amount of water wasted from over watering and watering driveways and paths etc. Ask yourself, how many times have you been watering the garden and then run out of time to do the rest? Or how many times has the sprinkler been left on in the one spot for hours. The result is hundreds of litres of water going down the drain. This not only wastes our most important resource, but it also costs you money!

Money - with a fully automated watering system there is no wasted water or 'money' from leaving sprinklers on to long or watering driveways or paths. The controller does it all for you and with a rain sensor fitted the whole system runs rain, hail or shine! Once the system is set up and the controller adjusted, you never need to stand there with a hose or dragging the sprinkler around again. While you are out doing the things you'd rather, the whole garden and lawns are being looked after and you'll save money in the process.

The 3 key areas to irrigation systems are...

1. Micro Irrigation - an energy efficient system which is best suited to every garden situation including pergolas, shade houses and vegetables. These include jets, sprays & drippers.

2. Pop-Ups - are systems for lawns. These include sprays & rotors.

3. Electronic Controllers - for automatic control of both micro and pop-up systems.

We have an extensive range of piping, sprays, valves, controllers, rotors, sprinklers, drippers, filters, connectors, micro-tubing from a wide diversity of suppliers.

Micro Irrigation Systems - Consider the advantages.

Micro irrigation is a system of pipes, sprays and drippers that, as the name suggests, are smaller in size and output than the more traditional over head sprinklers. Pipes are typically no larger than 25mm in diameter, spray nozzle diameters are around 1mm and flow rates for drippers can be as low as 4 litres per hour. This is in stark contrast to traditional sprinklers that have outputs as high as 1000 litres per hour.

The advantages of Micro Irrigation are:

  • You can apply the correct amount of water to the right areas.
  • You can avoid wastage as there is no overspray.
  • Plants respond better to controlled watering - electronic controllers make it easy to apply the right amount of water for optimum growth.
  • Sprinklers do not need to be moved - you will have more time to pursue leisure interests.

Planning Your Irrigation System

Before you come in and talk to us why not download our Planner & Tips brochure, (courtesy of HR Products) print it out and map out your garden. We can advise you on where to place your irrigation system. It is a PDF file and you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader. You will also need to determine the flow rate of your mains water supply.

This planner has many hits and tips for helping you set up your system including, how to determine your flow rate. Or follow the link below for more help.

How do I determine the Flow Rate?

To determine how many sprinklers, sprays or drippers you may use on your system, you will need to do a flow test.

This simple bucket test can be measured by timing in seconds how long it takes to fill a 9 litre household bucket. Testing should be done at the times when you plan to run your system (ie 6am). Ensure all other taps are turned off, turn the test tap on full, and then time how long it takes to fill the container.

Formula = Container size (Litres) divided by time to fill (Seconds) mulitplied by 60 = Litres per Minute.

Once you know your flow rate bring this information along with your measurements and garden plan mapped out on our planner into our showroom and we will advise you on what you need.

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