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We supply an extensive range of irrigation supplies
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It is important that you fit your irrigation system with some sort of timing device. Controllers are easy to program and work in tandem with our sensor products to help insure efficient irrigation.

If you have simply set your irrigation system up at the garden tap then a tap timer may be all that is needed. These devices will require you to turn them on manully but the device will turn off water at the set time automatically.

Battery operated times can also be fitted to taps and programmed to turn systems on and off. It is a good idea to install a new battery at the start of each watering season.

Electronic controllers can control over a dozen irrigation lines independently and while more expensive to purchase, they certainly take the worry about remebering to water your garden and lawns.

Purchase these

Galcon Controllers

The Galcon DC1 & DC4The Galcon 2010 Series Programmable Valve is a computerised valve for automatic watering. It is suitable for residential and is a battery operated outdoor programmable valve.

The Galcon DC1 & DC4 (pictured) A modern and sophisticated controller for the automatic operation of a watering system without requiring any mains electricity.

Application: For watering lawns, planters, median strips, roof, domestic and public gardens. For drip, sprinklers and mini sprayer watering.

Toro Small Turf Controllers

Toro DDC4 4 Station ControllerFlexible. Simple to program, operate and maintain. Toro® small turf and landscape water management systems deliver advanced technology that adapts to your changing needs and allows you to manage a wide variety of landscape and small turf applications.

Toro DDC4 4 Station Controller

Introducing the DDC series (digital dial controller), one of Toro’s most exciting new additions to its controller product offering. Although compact in size, several large features are packed into the DDC making it extremely affordable for any residential or light irrigation application.

Available in 4 (pictured), 6, or 8 station models, the DDC features an exclusive patent – pending virtual dial interface, that guides the User through simple programming functions. Setting up and irrigation schedule as never been easier!

Hunter Controllers

User friendly features and water-saving options make the Hunter controller family the place to look for your next project. Modularity in our Pro-C and ICC product lines sets yet another standard in the industry for easy-to-use controllers.

Hunter EC Indoor & Outdoor Controllers

The Hunter EC is designed for those who don’t want a big controller, but do want one with all the features that meet their irrigation requirements. Available in 2-, 4- and 6-station indoor and outdoor models, the EC offers all the features you would expect to find only on more expensive units – on-screen water budgeting for seasonal adjustment, interval watering options, station delay, one-touch manual start and advance and non-volatile memory (plus, it boasts a sturdy protective cabinet that includes a lockable case).

Hunter ICC 8 Station Controller

The Hunter Hunter ICC 8 Station Controller offers superior flexibility, ease of use and outstanding water management. All together in one commercial controller. Upgrades from 8 to 48 stations in minutes.

Hunter ICC 4 & 8 Station Module

The Hunter ICC 4 Station Module allows you to expand the Hunter ICC 8 Station Controller from 8 to 48 stations in minutes.

Hunter ICC 8 Station ControllerIf you are a professional contractor who stocks controllers, you'll find that the modular design of the ICC will make inventory control easy - there's no need to estimate how many of each size controller you need to keep on hand, you simply need to stock modules. You'll also find it's a cinch to customize a controller to each project - ICC modules consist of four or eight stations each, allowing you to build a controller more closely matching the total number of stations desired.

Hunter PROC 3 Station ControllerHunter PROC 3 Station Controller

With its ability to customize to the particular size you need (from 3 to 15 stations), the Pro-C will always be the right choice.

For the end user, the contractor, there has never been a residential and light commercial controller so remarkably easy to handle at this. Presenting the new Hunter Pro-C controller. Starting with a base model of three stations, it is possible to expand the controller up to 15 stations by simply adding plug in modules.

Hunter PROC 3 & 9 Station Modules The Hunter PROC 3 & PROC 9 Station Modules allows you to expand the Pro-C 3 Station Controller from 3 to 15 stations in minutes. Call us for more information.

Orbit Professional Controllers

You’ve invested your time, energy and money to make sure you get a great-looking landscape year after year. That’s why it makes sense to choose Orbit Professional, the easy programming sprinkler controller that gives you automatic watering convenience and peace of mind.

Orbit Control Star Controller 4 station modelOrbit Control Star Controllers

The Orbit Control Star (pictured) range of controllers are available in 4, 6, 8 and 12 station models.

Orbit Dial Star Controller

The Orbit Dial Star range of controllers are available in 4, 6, 8 and 12 station models.

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