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We supply an extensive range of irrigation supplies

We supply an extensive range of garden and outdoor lighting fixtures and supplies
We supply outdoor ponds and suitable pumps
We supply a range of tank and aquarium fittings

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Oase Pumps

Check out our range of Pond Pumps, Filters, Cleaners, Skimmers, Solar Power units and Lights.

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Pond Solar Power & Lights

OASE Nautilus Solar Set 10 & 20

For those who like things to be particularly simple, the OASE SOLAR product line offers these three practical solar sets: They each consist of fountain or watercourse pump, and the matching solar module.

Easy to install – and they can be extended in the system at anytime.

Solar Set 10 (Nautilus Solar 70 + Solar module 10)

Solar Set 20 (Nautilus Solar 140 + Solar module 20)

OASE Solarmodul 10 & 20

Moving water – even without a power outlet. The new OASE SOLAR MODULES make it possible!

OASE implements the latest technologies and highest efficiency in all new products. This is why we decided on the CIS technology in selecting the OASE SOLAR MODULES. This involves applying and sealing copper-indium-selenide on a glass plate in thin-layer processes.

This technology offers clear advantages:

  • Highest efficiency even at low light incidence, compact dimensions, very high impact and break resistance, long service life and high aesthetic values.
  • We offer these high-performance modules in three different sizes and levels of capacity.
  • They are supplied with convenient stands, 10 m power cable and special plugs for connecting to the new OASE SOLAR devices.
  • 2 year guarantee

OASE Solarsafe 17 & 41

The heart of the OASE SOLAR range is the Solar capacity storage and regulating unit!

Using this storage and regulating unit, twilight and evening hours will benefit from the solar energy expended during the daytime. With a special 12V solar battery and optimally matched electronics, solar energy can be stored and used later on.

Solar capacity has connections for 2 solar modules for charging the battery. Moreover outputs for a maximum of 3 pieces of equipment are available:

  • Direct energy via the solar modules and the excess energy charge the battery at the same time.
  • Direct power from the solar battery, for absolutely uniform equipment performance.

Photocell for equipment that switches-on automatically in the evening hours. Switch-off also is automatic after 6 hours.

An LED control indicator, that is easy to see from outside, provides three levels of information about the charge condition of the storage unit:

  • Green flashing means the battery is charged and is completely ready for use.
  • Yellow flashing indicates that the battery is not yet charged however it is still ready for operation.
  • Red flashing indicates the battery is empty.

Lunaqua Solar

DC-powered LED spotlight, ensures impressive illumination effects with 15 bright white LEDs.

An extremely long service life, as well as the extremely low power consumption of max. 2.5 Watt

Lunaqua solar can be used underwater and above the water

Supplied with:

  • Ground stake
  • Wall-/floor bracket
  • Spotlight foot
  • Nozzle bracket
  • 5 m power cable
  • Colour disc set (red, orange, green, blue)

Lunaqua 3

In this regard, LUNAQUA 3 offers multiple possibilities for viewing the garden and the garden pond in their proper light.

The beam angle can be adjusted as desired for optimal lighting effect. (from 10°–40°)

Incl. 4 high-quality glass colour disks.

A generous selection of accessories make this underwater and above-water spotlight a real multi-talent.

State-of-the-art design and simple installation complete the LUNAQUA 3 concept.

The spotlights are switched separately. This makes spotlight replacement easy on you and on your customers.

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