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Pond Liners

Man laying down pond linerWith a pond liner you can realise every possible pond shape. Your not bound by the shape of the fix pond and you can mould it to fit your requirements.

They are strong and durable.

We stock two types of liners for you to choose from.

BUDGET: Offers a 12 year guarantee. Is made from heavy duty plastic and is UV Stabilised.

PREMIUM: Offers a 30 year guarantee. Is made from rubberised vinyl (similar to the inner tube of a car).

Construction Rules to Keep In Mind

Rule 1 – The Location. Your chosen location should not be too sunny nor should it be directly under trees. Consider your neighbours. They could feel disturbed by the noise of running water. Most importantly, bear in mind the safety of children and pets.

Diagram of a pond eco system.Rule 2 – The size & depth of your pond. The correct relation between the size and the depth of the pond is very important for the biological balance of the pond. The table below can be used as a basic guide.
Surface area 3 - 5 sq. m = Depth 60 - 80cm
Surface area 5 - 15 sq. m = Depth 80 - 100cm
Surface area more than 15 sq. m = 100cm and more.

With all fish ponds you should consider a minimum depth of 1 metre.

Rule 3 – The Technology. Whether you want to set up a fountain, watercourse or a simple fish pond – the driving power for all this is the right technology. You should plan to install pumps, filters etc. right from the beginning. If you wish to illuminate your pond plan for additional switches and electricity supply.

How do I calculate how much liner I need?

The general formula is Length + double depth x width + double depth = required liner amount in sq metres.

  • Wet Zone: Approx. 10cm water depth is ideal for planting marsh plants.
  • Marshland Zone: Approx. 30-40cm deep. The wider it is the more safety it offers children & pets.
  • Deep Water Zone: For pumps & filters.

Tips: The slope should not exceed 35-40%. Divide your watercourse into different steps by means of little dams. This will slow the water down and create an even more attractive effect. Take care that the pump is strong enough so that there is always enough water in the stream and the pond.
Use a protective fleece as a padding to prevent damage to the liner. Use shore mats made from coconut fibres to give plants a strong hold on the shore line.

Planters allow easy access to pond plants. Allow you to move plants around without having to disturb the plant.

Pond Liner Sizes

10 Yr Guarantee – .5mm thickness. 2.0m, 4.0m & 6.0m WIDE – Sold by the metre

PROliner EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is suitable for all sorts of applications ranging from small decorative garden ponds with or without fish up to commercial aquacultural applications. PROliner has been laboratory tested to be non harmful to fish, drinking water and aquatic life. The liner is easy to install, comes with a long guarantee and is textured so as to help with the natural housing of beneficial bacteria in the pond, all this at a bargain price.

Sizes Available:

4.5m wide x 1.1mm thick (20 year guarantee)
6.0m wide x 1.1mm thick (20 year guarantee)

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