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Check out our range of Pond Pumps, Filters, Cleaners, Skimmers, Solar Power units and Lights.

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Pond Pumps

Eden 104

Model 104G -240lph, 0.45m max. Head, 5 watts, 3 pin plug

EDEN 104 and 106 Series.

The miniaturised motor features high performance, low power consumption and is very quiet. These pumps are particularly suitable for filtration and water circulation in aquaria and tabletop fountains; to create rivers and cascades in hobbies, plastic models, Christmas Cribs and for moving water in industrial applications. Different versions are available to best satisfy the needs of the different markets:

  • With pre-filter grid, especially for aquarium use.
  • With low-intake system to work even with a few millimetres of water inside table fountains etc.

Eden 112G

Model 112G - 500 lph, 0.8m max. head, 9w, 3m cable

EDEN 112 to 128 Series.

The unique technical design of the rotor unit and the impeller make these units completely different from others available in the market today. The shaft, integral with the impeller, rotates in two antifriction bearings of special self-lubricating material equipped with vibration absorbers, thus improving quiet running and life of the rotor/impeller system. All the POWERLET pumps are equipped with flow control valve and with suction cups made out of highly acoustic absorbing non-toxic material to insulate the unit and avoid possible vibration of the pump against the walls of the aquarium or fountain.

  • The unique technical design of the rotor unit makes the Eden 112 - 159 completely different from anything available on the market today.
  • All pumps are equipped with a flow control valve and come with a 3 year guarantee.

Eden 128, 135, 140, 155 & 159

Centrifugal pump for Hydroponics and fountains. Unique design of the motor unit and impellor gives very quiet running and long life. The 140FL & TH models have choice of threaded or flat intake and a clever self-cleaning system.

OASE Profinaut 21, 27 & 40

The new PROFINAUT fountain pumps comprise the beginning of the OASE PROFILINE. These power packs ensure a totally new fountain experience in the domestic garden, in three different sizes.

  • Very large fountain pumps with excellent durability.
  • A handle that is aligned with the pump's centre of gravity facilitates easy transport, installation and maintenance.
  • Fully capable of over wintering, even if the pond completely freezes over.
  • Can be conveniently controlled electronically in conjunction with the FM Profi-Master

OASE Nautilus 80, 200, 250, 350 & 450

For many years at OASE, the name Nautilus has stood for quality, power, and reliability, made in Germany.

Nautilus is developed using the very latest technology in fountain pumps, with patent pending unique selling points and unparallel periods between maintenance. One of the most significant differentiating characteristics relative to the previous Nautilus generation are the filter wings attached to the side that have the benefit that the pump gains over-proportional filter surface. The attached filter wings can be removed from the pump and can be used in the shallow area of the pond via a supplied special adapter. This means that the pre-filter can be conveniently maintained from the edge of the pond. The height of the fountain can be comfortably adjusted from the edge of the pond, too.

There are several differentiating features relative to the previous Nautilus range:

  • The newly designed Vulkan nozzle with telescopic extension is decisive for the naming of the pump. The fountain of the Nautilus 110 for instance, has a height of max. 110 cm using this nozzle.
  • There is a second controllable outlet with a stepped hose adapter from 1/2” to 1”.
  • The pump gains over-proportional filter surface through the attached filter wings, which ensures long service life for the fountain jet.
  • The filter wings can be removed from the pump and attached to the accessory piece (included) and placed at the edge of the pond.
  • This enables mechanical flow rate control, as well as fountain height adjustment, even from the edge of the pond.
  • Models from Nautilus 200 upwards can also be controlled electronically.
  • The new “click lock” makes it possible to dismantle the housing without tools.
  • All pumps are delivered with an integrated spotlight holder.
  • All Nautilus pumps are equipped with a thermal cut off switch.
  • Through the new, integrated 15° swivel-head alignment is possible in all directions, flow loss is minimized.
  • The fine filter can be placed between the wings and the pump housing. This means that the fountain jet will not clog and the filter can be easily cleaned at the side of the pond.
  • Feet with appropriate holes facilitate the mounting on stone, installation plates etc.
  • The 3 year OASE guarantee can be extended on request for an additional 2 years

OASE Nautilus Solar 70 & 140

High-performance Nautilus-type solar fountain pumps

Special, robust plugs for connecting to the SOLARCAPACITY storage and regulating unit, or to one of the new OASE Solar modules

Supplied with 5 m power cable and 3 different nozzle patterns

OASE Nautilus Solar Set 10 & 20

For those who like things to be particularly simple, the OASE SOLAR product line offers these three practical solar sets: They each consist of fountain or watercourse pump, and the matching solar module.

Easy to install – and they can be extended in the system at anytime.

Solar Set 10 (Nautilus Solar 70 + Solar module 10)

Solar Set 20 (Nautilus Solar 140 + Solar module 20)

OASE Filtral 5000 UVS Start

The all-round carefree package for the little pond in the garden. Compact filter unit with integrated 11 watt UVC technology for guaranteed clear water and 2500 l/h pump. Suitable for ponds with water volumes up to 5000 litres. Contains 4 different filter materials. Including 3 different nozzle attachments for individual water features. Telescopic extension for adapting the nozzle to the pond surface. T-piece for operating water features, with stepped hose adapter. Connection possibility for aeration pumps. Individual adjustment of flow rate and fountain height. Submersed installation, the attractive appearance of small ponds remains undisturbed.

OASE Aquamax 2000, 3500, 5500 & 8500

AQUAMAX 2000 – 8500

The Aquamax range is known worldwide for pumping polluted water into filter systems. The Aquamax range changed the pond pump market for ever, now with the new Aquamax a winning formula has been improved upon. Aquamax pumps were the first filter pumps that would stand the test of time in continuous running over many years. They have significantly better ratings than any other submersible and sump pumps in a direct comparison. Those other submersible pumps with their high power consumption, weak bearings and limited life span (seldom more than 3000 ope- rating hours) are now a thing of the past.

  • The difference to other pond pumps lies, as before, in the particularly distinctive impeller that can powerfully transport highly polluted water with its three large blades.
  • The motor housings of the Aquamax pumps are made of the highest quality composite.
  • The large strainer allows debris such as (Koi) excrement or decaying vegetation up to 10 mm in diameter to pass through. INNOVATION – MADE BY OASE
  • The pump is completely capable of withstanding winter conditions due to new, patent-applied-for, freeze protection technology. Even if the pump is completely frozen into the pond it will not be damaged.
  • 5-year request guarantee for continuous running – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – that’s guaranteed.

OASE Neptun 300, 600, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 6000, 9000 & 12000

The Neptun pump range is comprised of high-performance pumps with compact dimensions which are excellently suited for use in statuary fountains or decorative fountain systems in the garden, on the patio, or on the balcony and indoors.

Neptun pumps are flat priming and have a very low noise level due to their quiet operation. Starting with the Neptun 3000 the pumps are completely capable of withstanding winter conditions so that they can stay in the water throughout the entire year.

The more powerful pumps starting with the Neptun 3000 model have a removable pedestal to enable installation even where space is extremely limited. In addition these pumps also have a stainless steel filter basket which guarantees the long service life.

The Neptun range, starting with the 600 model, can be set-up outside of the water; below water level (both the indoor and the outdoor version). Regardless of the application, all pumps can be controlled individually and conveniently.

The smaller Neptun range pumps are equipped with a filter sponge and a 13 mm outlet in accordance with the standard. Starting with the Neptun 600, the pumps have a 1/2” threaded outlet, starting with the Neptun 3000, the threaded outlet is 1” and from the Neptun 9000 the threaded outlet is 1 1/2”.

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