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We supply an extensive range of irrigation supplies

We supply an extensive range of garden and outdoor lighting fixtures and supplies
We supply outdoor ponds and suitable pumps
We supply a range of tank and aquarium fittings

Looking for Waterproofing Membrane solutions?
We supply
Gripset waterproofing

Oase Pumps

Check out our range of Pond Pumps, Filters, Cleaners, Skimmers, Solar Power units and Lights.

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Pond Pumps & Accessories

Why do you need a pond pump?

Without a pump your pond will be dull and static. The water will not circulate and plants will find it hard to flourish.

Pumps add life to a pond. Aeration of the pond by means of a cascade or a fountain is highly beneficial to fish and other pond life, especially during summer months when the water temperatures are higher and the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is naturally lower.

We provide a variety of different types of pumps which we can suite to your requirements and budget. We supply pumps from the leading manufacturers including Oase and Rena.

Apart from running filters, pumps provide aeration when connected to fountains or used to create cascades. They can be low voltage (24v DC) or run from the mains (240v AC). The type of pump you will need will depend on whether you want to run a fountain, watercourse, waterfall or filter. Pumps driving filters need to be on 24 hours a day and use low power consumption.

Lighting can be placed under pumps to create a stunning effect at night when illuminating a fountain. See our range of lighting here.

We can advise on the right sort of pump to suite your needs.

Pond Accessories

Supplying the right sort of accessories is something only experience can deliver. After over 30 years supplying ponds and equipment to the trade and retail we can supply you with...

  • Filtration systems from Oase & Hozelock.
  • Filter Granulates.
  • Pond lighting.
  • Protective fleece
  • Shore mats made from Coconut fibres
  • Planters
  • Installation plates for pumps
  • Hoses and connectors
  • Fountains & fountain nozzles, speed regulators
  • Pond treatment systems from Interpet to maintain the health of your system. Systems include Pond Check test kit, pH Adjuster, Ammonia Pond Test, Pond Sludge Buster, Pond Worker and Clear Pond.
  • Silicon Type Air Tubing
  • Fish Nets
  • Fish Food

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